Thursday, September 1, 2011

"book page" Wreath

I have been seeing many Book Page Wreaths and decided I would make one. But when it came down to it I couldn't find a book hashed enough that I would feel ok ripping apart. So I went with plan B.
Have you ever ordered something small that comes in a huge box with TONS of Brown paper stuffed inside? Well this seems to be a trend but being frugal I couldn't just toss the brown paper in the garbage. And I guess I could recycle it but I have a two year old who loves to color so why do that! To say the least we had an OVER Abundance of Brown Paper in our house so I decided to make a wreath from it instead. I bought a wreath form at the dollar store (love that place for stuff like this!). I used a book to measure and cut the paper similar to the size of a book page. Then I took some black paint and swished it on the edges.I then headed over to this Lovely blog to get ideas from her tutorial:
And after 4 days of a huge mess and a ton of hot glue I ended up with this:
Not to shabby right for costing me all of $2 ($1 for the form and $1 worth of glue.)And a close up just to show all the fun roles and crinkles.I have to admit that I think I will like it MUCH better against a wall of Restoration Hardware Silver sage paint!:) But that is another project another day.

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