Wednesday, September 21, 2011

T-shirt scarf

I was given a purple shirt as a hand me down awhile ago. The shirt was very stretched out (unwearable) but it had fun flower detailing sewed down the side and I loved the color so I put it in my "Maybe I can use this" pile.
I kept finding ideas for the shirt but I could never bring myself to cut into it. Most the ideas left me very little of the shirt and since I loved the color I wanted to use it to its max. Then I came upon this Tutorial. Awesome! and with the fall weather coming a simple light scarf was a perfect addition for my wardrobe. So I went for it. The only change I made was that I cut out the flower detailing (it was a vertical strip down the side of the shirt) then sewed the entire shirt back together before I cut the strips. Some of my strips were skinny and when I pulled them the came apart so I just tied knots in them which works for me because I wanted the messy/sloppy look. Instead of wrapping one of the straps around the rest like the tutorial I took part of the flower detail fabric and sewed it like a tube around the bunch (Sew it inside out while on the strips then just roll it so it is right side out). You can see the flower detail on the left of the picture so subtle yet cute!
I really like it. And one of my favorite things is that little man can pull and yank on it and I don't have to worry!

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