Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blackberry Upside Down Cake

We had the pleasure of having my amazing brother and sister-in-law visit us. The Black Berries are in full swing here and since the two of them have just relocated far away from some of their very good friends I decided to make them a treat. (Well I actually made my SIL help me so I wouldn't ruin it like my luck sometimes does.)
I found this recipe for Blackberry Upside Down cake on their friends Website (Blue Jean Gourmet) and decided that I could probably make it.
Don't be shy it ended up being really easy (even when I tried to make things harder than need be hahaha!) And the guests of honor gave it their smile of approval. (Or maybe they just didn't want to lose their place to sleep at night!)
I think it was perfect combination of berries and cake! The cake stayed moister than other homemade cakes I have tried I'm guessing do to the berries. I highly recommend you try it out!
Oh and we decided if we were going to make a delicious cake we may as well make TWO!
Forgive my miserable pictures I always forget to take any until it is late at night.

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