Friday, August 26, 2011

Simple A frame Tent for Kiddos

I recently made this Simple A frame tent using this tutorial.
Mine doesn't look as fancy and pretty as the tutorial post, but it is for a little man.
I had sewed a bunch of stained/ripped etc t shirts together to make one big sheet I could throw over the dinning room table as a tent. Reality is I'm often using the table for crafts or meals so it never really happened. In place of using a twin sheet I cut the huge "sheet" of pieced together t-shirts down and used it instead!
I also just tied the actual fabric around each leg since the fabric is stretchy. (or maybe I'm just too lazy to sew on some elastic rings hahaha.
This was a super simple project that has already been wonderful (aka entertained the kiddo).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What can you make with a Pillowcase

I love experimenting. I will be the first to admit that my experiments often fail. Food is often not as yummy, crafts don't look so pretty, and sewing just has to be thrown in the trash. But when I get things for free (this is probably one of the reasons I LOVE hand-me-downs) I hesitate at first but soon get the guts to cut them up and "experiment". (Am I lame that I have a hard time cutting clothes up even if they are free hahahaha!)
So I took these (a tank and a pillow case I received from a friend, Thank you by the way!):

And I made this: (Excuse the picture, trying to get the hubs to snap a shot of something he thinks is silly is kind of hard.)

The yellow "belt" was actually a shirred part of another tank that was too short for me anyway so I just cut it off and sewed it down to work for this dress. Since the top was a tank even adding the sleeves left the neck bigger than my comfort level so I just put a black shirt on under and all was well.
I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, the hubs told me that it looked like I was wearing Curtains. But I know one sure fire way to see if it works. WEAR IT! So I did and I got Many compliments!
That evening we had a visitor to our house that saw this pillow cover, which I told him I had made out of a sweater. He smiled and said "You make pillow cases out of clothes and clothes out of pillow cases."
On the nose my good man on the nose.

Crafting for the Kiddo

Even though I have not been posting I have been crafting! No I'm not even close to diminishing my project list but I did do a few fun things:

A Sun hat for the little Man. I found this Tutorial which I adjusted to fit his head. I used an old blue scrub shirt (That you saw in this post) that was still in pretty good shape but no longer useful and other scrape fabric. I have put it through the wash a number of times and it is holding up great!:Oh a Cape too (every Super Hero needs one right?) I used this Tutorial, of course putting my own twist on it.:I made a hat and cape for Little Man's cousin whom we were lucky to visit on a recent trip. It was SO cute to see the two of them running down the hotel halls in capes and hats. (I'm not sure if everyone enjoyed it as much as I hahahaha)
I also made a Bullseye (I have an idea for the saddle but have yet to finish it, hopefully soon!) I used this Tutorial as a base for the idea but of course I'm not a fan of following directions exactly so I put my own twist on it. He didn't turn out as I hoped but I learned a lot making him.Overall Little Man was pretty happy with my creative attempts.