Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bacon in almost everything....

Ok I just saw that Denny's is now sporting a Maple Bacon Sundae is this wrong?
Bacon in Chocolate and now on ice cream? I'm not judging. I'm big into never judging a food unless you tried it NO MATTER what. And to be honest as long as there are no chewy fat pieces I could kind of see how it might work but really?

Tell me do you want to or have you tried this? I would love to hear!

And if you are like me and are curious on what this baby runs in the nutrition department here you go:

Serving Size - 12 oz
Calories - 810
Fat - 40
Trans Fat - 0
Saturated Fat - 21

Cholesterol - 150
Sodium - 460
Carbohydrates - 97
Fiber - 0
Protein - 16
Sugar - 85

Hey No trans fat at least hahaha!

Creative or just plain Crazy?

I happened upon a free 5 drawer chest of drawers. It looked pretty nice in the picture (before picking it up) and the giver said the bottom drawer was broken, but I figured I could easily fix that.
Upon bringing it home I realized that the bottom Two drawers were VERY broken (Not just missing a few screws like the owner had said). It actually looked like a kid may have tried to climb it because the sliders were broken to the point of in operable or repairable. the drawers themselves were cracked and broken down the sides. This was going to be more work than I imagined. AND it ended up being a MUCH bigger piece in real life than it appeared in the picture. But it was FREE I'm not complaining so here it is: (Minus the top 4 drawers see the bottom one is literally just hanging there.)
Well Mr. Creative said "throw it out or take it to goodwill now!" So I told him of what I though was a "creative" idea. Fixing all the broken components in the lower two drawers seemed doable but a pain and possibly costly and pointless. My solution: Cut the bottom two drawers off. Mr. Creative was semi open to the idea but then looked at the dresser a week ago and told me "forget it." Well maybe it is silly but I had visions of me taking a chain saw and sawing this baby apart. So I talked him out of driving it to Good Will and Yesterday I took a "4 hour of Me time" break in my garage with said dresser and all our tools (We have many but they are all very basic and I now know why people always want more tools hehehe!) I honestly thought the Mister would chuck it if I waited any longer and I really wanted to try to dismantle a piece of furniture that one had no meaning to me or cost for that matter and two wasn't an antique type piece. Through out the process I made mistakes. I hadn't sat down and planned out as I should have. I also was unsure about my tools and probably needed a few different ones but I was just using what we had on hand. So with a lot of sawing dust and a little Jimmy rigging I turned a broken down chest of drawers into this.

I wish I would have taken picture of the during, but to be honest I had a few high stress frustrating moments that made me not think about the camera as much as if I had just been nuts to do this.
I know you may not think this looks very cool but you have to keep in mind I didn't just saw through it. If you notice I had to cut legs on it. Which required me to dismantle at least half of it. I had a neighbor ask me what I was doing (I think my neighbors laugh every time they see me in the garage because I always have a "new project".)
Things I learned during this process:
1. Cutting furniture down is NOT as easy as it sounds.
2. Pieces that come off may not fit back the same way after you have cut and hammered a piece
3. Planning ahead could save you time and mistakes. (I was really just worried if I didn't hack it out in a few hours I wouldn't get this chance that is why I didn't plan much.)
4. Power tools are awesome!
5. Wearing Big Clear Glasses can save your eyes as well as get a chuckle out of your spouse
6. I want more power tools now that I know what they can do!

So tell me do you think my idea was Creative or are you with the Mister and just think I'm plain crazy?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New project question: Ethan Allen Hancock Chairs

The weather has been such that my refinishing and building/painting projects have been put on hold until the weather warms and dries out a bit. In the mean time I'm always on the prowl for a fun find! I came upon two of these chairs. (one is upside down behind the one in the picture.)
I think they are fun! I love the curves in the arm and the tiny feet.
It even has this pretty cool looking eagle painted on it:
"So what is the problem then?" you are asking....The Rush seats on both of them are worn, Very dirty, and smell horrible.I scrubbed the whole chairs hoping at least the smell would die down. The wood seemed to like a scrubbing but the rush seats would not clean up and just seemed to get worse. You don't see the red and brown gooey food stains that were on the seat in the picture that I could not remove.
I know the chairs look great with rush seats but I have this rule about things coming into my house. If I can't get them cleaned of dirt and smelling better they can't stay no matter how cute their curves and tiny feet are. I looked rush seats up online. Lets just say PAIN IN THE BUTT! I would have to spend a wad to either do it myself or a small fortune to have it redone professionally. SIGH......Then a rash thought came to my mind. I grabbed a box cutter and started thrashing...
And when that provided some but minimal damage I grabbed the trusted Gerber!
And before I knew it I was at this:Looking at this picture you probably think I'm nuts but honestly when I brought the chairs in little spiders were running out of the seat it looks ok in pictures but up close it is smelly and yucky.
So now what to do. I can't really justify the cost to re-rush the seats. I also do not really like the color but painting it would mean I would lose the eagle and other gold lining that is painted on it. As for the seat I think I will cut a board the shape of that area and cover it in fabric for the time being. Now I just need to decide if I should paint them. I say yes what do you say?

A Cereal I love and Unique Chocolate

Do you love cinnamon? Cinnamon Bears, Cinnamon rolls, Snicker doodles, Cinnamon Popcorn, etc?
Then may I suggest you try Cinnamon Burst Cheerios!?!
These things are AMAZING! You can generally find coupons for them right now. Just thought I would share!
I LOVE to try new foods/candy/drinks. I'm have a firm belief that you should try everything once. Not a buffet just a bite of something. Then after at least trying it I feel you are justified in saying whether you like it or not honestly rather than just on the idea.
My friend brought me some dark chocolate to try. And even though I'm generally not a chocolate fan if I'm going to eat chocolate I want it to be dark and I want it to be interesting and interesting it was! She gave me a piece without letting me see the package or know what it was.
I popped it in and immediately got the bitter dark chocolate flavor I enjoy but then my tongue was confused by an underlying flavor that I wasn't so sure about. I sat there for a minute and then yelled "BACON!?"
If you know me you will know that in general Bacon is not my thing. So to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about this chocolate. I wouldn't go as far to say I don't like it because I wasn't totally repulsed by it or gagging. But my tongue and brain really didn't know what to think. I didn't choose to eat more so maybe that says that it is not on my high list but again Bacon and chocolate aren't on my high list so maybe I only needed a little.
What have you tried lately that caught you off guard?

Organization Idea

Do you have a junk drawer/basket/corner that ends up being useless because you can't find what you are looking for? Our Junk drawers biggest issue were all the charging cables for cell phones, blue tooth, etc. They were always either in the way of what we were trying to get or tangled together. So I decide to designate a different area for them in hopes that I can contain the mess and keep things more functional.
I started out with a Container that was cute enough to display. (Since this area is in our kitchen I wanted it to look like part of the kitchen)
Then I twisty tie wrapped each cord into a circle so that each one could not be entangled in the other and put them in the container:Now when I need to recharge something it is much easier to find the correct charger (You could even label each one with colored tape depending on how many you have.) and my junk drawer functions without the crazy nest of wires.