Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More inspiration along with other projects

I should mention I have a couple problems. I can't focus on only one project at a time, when I think about one project my brain wanders around my entire house, closet, yard picking it apart with the many projects yet to be done.   I also can get overwhelmed by too many projects which causes me to shut down and do nothing.  The two problems don't work well together but that is partly why I have this blog to help me remember where I left off and "keep on Keeping on" knowing that someone is waiting for an end result.

I had to take a brain break from Little Man's room to think about something else so I worked on remaking a shirt. I used the pink shirt as inspiration.  I will admit I altered the shirt but I think I want to add something too it so I'm not going to show you what it looks like just yet.
I also want to show you a peak of something that I plan on working on for My own room:Loverly right?

I had an epiphany today.  My little guys room is not going to look perfect by the time he goes in there.  There are WAY too many things to make, put together, etc. for it to be perfect.  Besides he is moving into a big boy bed so it really isn't safe to have things "visually perfect".  That being said I want you to know that I plan on working on it until I do get it to a point that I like it.  But bear with me as I do it because it is going to take a LOT of time!
So that you know I'm not giving up but that it will just take time I will show you a couple of the things I'm currently working on:
Don't you love the simple lines and HUGE handles of this sweet stand?  I picked this one up at the local Good Will.  She's a heavy beast, pure wood, but since I will be have started refinishing her I want a LOT of wood to work with!:)

These two shirts are best friends.  Hahaha or I was just making sure they had enough fabric to cover the pillow forms I got.  Make sure to come back and check out what I end up doing to the stand and shirts!

After discussing plane options for Little mans Ceiling with the Mr.  he basically begged me not to use pop can planes as he does not agree that it will look "fun" (maybe he said the word "crap" in the conversation to describe what he thought they would look like, I'll let you decide.)  I still think they could be super cute if I can pull off the ones I remember my Great Uncle making, but I'm open to other options.  So when I went with Little Man to the Children's Museum and saw this in the front entrance I was like "AH HA!"
So fun right?  WAY too big for Little Man's room but Great idea and SO simple!
I'm thinking I make 3 of them but do them in three different colors....
It is so fun to try to find simple solutions and inspiration in my everyday life.  What inspires you?

Happy St. Patty's day

In the past I have done the standard Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner but I will admit to you the Corned Beef grosses me out a little. I don't mind eating a little piece fresh but honestly then there are the leftovers. So this year I made Green Curry instead!
We started with a Spinach Salad with Green Sugar snap pea crisps:

Then of course the green (I used a new paste and it wasn't as green as usual) Curry I used this recipe.
Followed by Green Pears.
What did you do for St. Patrick's day? Do you have any fun traditions?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Third time is the Charm!

Apologies for the lag time in posting. Life always gets in the way. But knowing that someone may just read this blog has made me try to stay on top of my current project (ie Mikey's bedroom) so at least the Blog is working that way!
My Goal was to have Mikey in his new room and bed by this Saturday but I don't think that will happen. Just an update on the room. I went with a ceiling color of Swiss Coffee through Kelly Moore Paint. I was very impressed by the service and I felt like the price worked I only wish they were closer to my house (it is a 30 minute drive each way to them and you pass three other paint places on the way.)
Now for the actual painting. You can laugh with me as I say that I have little experience painting and I have NEVER painted a ceiling. Lets just say it is harder than it looks. I made a bad move and did a thin layer of paint trying not to make a big mess. Only to realize that a thin layer look HORRIBLE I honestly was regretting my choice to paint the ceiling at all. After more Ceiling paint tips research I did a second layer which looked much better, however when I pulled down the tape I realized that there were still spots that you could see lines or that were thin. What to do what to do?
I waited a couple days and then decided that I would always be annoyed by the imperfections and painted it a third time last night. TA DA! Third time is the charm! I'm really hoping that it took 3 times only because of my lack of knowledge because I LOVE the white ceiling! I want to do it all over my house but if it really takes 3 coats every time I'm not sure how far I will get!
I am leaving the beige walls as I mentioned, but I think I will do a fresh coat just so everything is fresh and new! (I don't want to "wish I had" once Mikey is already in the room.)
A friend showed me these fun airplanes: http://www.badcattoys.com/spsezmo.html
I especially LOVE the yellow and red one!
However they are about $12 a piece plus shipping (or driving to the museum of flight in Seattle). I want at least three planes so that would run me about $35 a little more than I was hoping for but WAY better then the price of this Simple Balsa wood one at 69.99 on SALE:
I do love the simplicity of it but it won't lend for much color. HMMMMM I have looked up individual Balsa wood planes they run anywhere from 3 to 5 dollars a piece and I could spray paint them! My only dilema is I'm only finding them online and shipping is a beast. Have you seen a balsa wood airplane kit anywhere?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving forward or......

Thank you for everyone's thoughts, suggestions, and help so far. Just to give you an idea of where I am now I wanted you to see a picture of the room that I'm attempting to "design".
Don't you just LOVE it? hahaha  I have 5 paint colors on the wall (not including paper swatches) and 5 paint colors on the ceiling (did I mention I wanted to paint the ceiling since our walls and ceiling are all beige?)   Color swatches and fabric ALL over and of course the pillow cover for the quilt.
So I decided I DO want to paint the ceiling. (I was going back and forth on this one but I think I will like the ceiling white more than beige.)  However I'm still at square one for wall color.
A few of you have mentioned that if I don't LOVE the quilt then I should return that so it stops throwing me off.  I thought about this for a LONG time.  I looked online a TON and at a few different stores for different quilts. I even bought a couple but by the time I was half way home I knew that I really liked the striped quilt more than the others I had seen or just purchased.  I love that is has no characters on it, or any "theme" for that matter.  I love that it feels well built and washable (without bunching or crumbling after a few washes).  I love that it pulls color in the room without being CRAZY.  That being said if I could design or afford ANY quilt would it be this one.  Probably not exactly.....but probably close.  So I have decided for the price point and what is out there yes I do love the quilt!
One decision down YAY!
So after looking at the room for HOURS!  (I literally sat in the middle of that mess starring at all the elements hoping for inspiration to hit my like a rock on the head.  Yes my husband thought I had lost it.) I realized that the current beige walls with a white ceiling may just work perfectly for the rest of the design!  I will share with you some of the elements I plan on using in the room and you let me know if you think it will work.
I plan on painting my own version of this:
It may be smaller depending on if I find a large Map to put on the wall instead.
I'm either going to find or make airplanes to hang from the ceiling. (not necessarily these ones but this is the inspiration.)

The moon lamp is from his nursery and is loved so it will go too.
I think a fun Banner like one of these, using the colors from his bedding will jazz up the rooms borders but will be super easy to change out.  (I love non permanent but super cute things!)
I may also use the old springs from the baby crib and make it into a place where we can display pictures of his favorite things, characters, people, art etc: (Check out all these fun ways to repurpose those old cribs that really should no longer be used for kids http://vintageserenity.blogspot.com/2011/01/repurposed-baby-crib-springs.html
 And if I can't find a Large Map then I'm sure I can thrift out a world globe which I think would be fun in there as well!

So after having seen all that is going in the room (well or hopefully going in the room) don't you think Beige walls will be just fine?
Now the work begins!

Monday, March 7, 2011

No eye for design

As much as I would love and try to be a person that can have a "decor eye" (you know the person that takes a BLAH room and turns it into a tada room with what seems to be little effort) well sadly enough I know I will just never be one of them.
I recieved the quilt I ordered for Mikey's bed. (I was SO excited I ran to the door when I saw the UPS man pull up.) I pulled out the quilt looked at it:

Then looked at my paint choice (at which time I had fallen in love with) and got a knot in my stomach. There was no way they would work together. (Well not one that I could look at daily and not cringe.)
Over the next few hours I left my choices in the blank room and kept peaking at them hoping a miracle would happen and they would look as good as I had dreamed about......And then I called my sister. She told me to sleep on it and she would help me the next day. She came and we both decided that the quilt was great but it read WAY more blue than I had expected and not light blue but more like blue jean blue (which I refuse to put on my walls). Yellow could have been a nice wall color but I have this dumb wood moldings that I think you either love or hate. I hate them I love crisp white but since our home isn't even 5 years old I can't really justify the cost of replacing them and I'm not sold on painting them. So yellow is out. I want the room to fill bright and roomy but also restful so red was not going to work for the walls. So we were left with girly colors....OUT and Green, gray, or white. I think adding green into all those colors would make the room shout so I threw it out. I didn't really consider white so gray with blue in it seemed perfect. I picked a gray, got a sample pot and painted it on the wall and got this:

That is a FLAT paint. It is just SO bright of a color it appears to be Shiny and VERY BLUE. The color was called Light French GRAY, I honestly see no gray in it now it is on the wall. SIGH. (All you talented people with an eye for design probably are laughing at me right now.) So I spent the next two days straight researching grays. Can I say WOW! There are TONS of Grays and TONS of opinions (most of them opposing each other) on which one is best and what undertones they have. Ughhhh. I have poured over so many gray swatches I honestly am at a point that I'm not sure if I want gray on the walls anymore. Besides I live in the NW which is grey all the time so maybe my idea to do gray is bad?
Well I ran upon this picture tonight from Pottery Barn kids. Look what they have WOOD around the window wood like mine! and a colorful striped quilt and what color are the walls? WHITE? Hmmmm is it really this easy? (Although my entire house walls and ceilings are painted beige so this still means I have to choose a color or two.) So tell me what you think should I just paint white and surrender to my inability to choose paint? Or should I send the quilt back and buy a solid one that will go with the wall color I loved (BM woodlawn blue)

Blog purpose: kind of like a discalimer?

I have always wanted to be creative. I have creative ideas bouncing in my head 24/7 but for some reason what is in my head and the end result never seem to add up. My head has a great version my hands don't seem to know how to put things together as well. I could throw in the towel and leave creativity to others. But I find the challenge too fun Thrilling so I decided you have to "Start somewhere" (reason for the blog name.) So here I am. I will fill this blog with projects from painting, weeding, building, sewing cooking, cleaning, etc. (etc.=which means anything I would like to be more proficient in.) As I share my experiences (or possible those of others) I hope you one enjoy them with a light heart. Two leave comments with advice, thoughts, funny jokes etc.
And now lets take a punch at Creatively Starting Somewhere...