Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Third time is the Charm!

Apologies for the lag time in posting. Life always gets in the way. But knowing that someone may just read this blog has made me try to stay on top of my current project (ie Mikey's bedroom) so at least the Blog is working that way!
My Goal was to have Mikey in his new room and bed by this Saturday but I don't think that will happen. Just an update on the room. I went with a ceiling color of Swiss Coffee through Kelly Moore Paint. I was very impressed by the service and I felt like the price worked I only wish they were closer to my house (it is a 30 minute drive each way to them and you pass three other paint places on the way.)
Now for the actual painting. You can laugh with me as I say that I have little experience painting and I have NEVER painted a ceiling. Lets just say it is harder than it looks. I made a bad move and did a thin layer of paint trying not to make a big mess. Only to realize that a thin layer look HORRIBLE I honestly was regretting my choice to paint the ceiling at all. After more Ceiling paint tips research I did a second layer which looked much better, however when I pulled down the tape I realized that there were still spots that you could see lines or that were thin. What to do what to do?
I waited a couple days and then decided that I would always be annoyed by the imperfections and painted it a third time last night. TA DA! Third time is the charm! I'm really hoping that it took 3 times only because of my lack of knowledge because I LOVE the white ceiling! I want to do it all over my house but if it really takes 3 coats every time I'm not sure how far I will get!
I am leaving the beige walls as I mentioned, but I think I will do a fresh coat just so everything is fresh and new! (I don't want to "wish I had" once Mikey is already in the room.)
A friend showed me these fun airplanes:
I especially LOVE the yellow and red one!
However they are about $12 a piece plus shipping (or driving to the museum of flight in Seattle). I want at least three planes so that would run me about $35 a little more than I was hoping for but WAY better then the price of this Simple Balsa wood one at 69.99 on SALE:
I do love the simplicity of it but it won't lend for much color. HMMMMM I have looked up individual Balsa wood planes they run anywhere from 3 to 5 dollars a piece and I could spray paint them! My only dilema is I'm only finding them online and shipping is a beast. Have you seen a balsa wood airplane kit anywhere?

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  1. check Amazon, it's amazing what gets free shipping on there.