Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving forward or......

Thank you for everyone's thoughts, suggestions, and help so far. Just to give you an idea of where I am now I wanted you to see a picture of the room that I'm attempting to "design".
Don't you just LOVE it? hahaha  I have 5 paint colors on the wall (not including paper swatches) and 5 paint colors on the ceiling (did I mention I wanted to paint the ceiling since our walls and ceiling are all beige?)   Color swatches and fabric ALL over and of course the pillow cover for the quilt.
So I decided I DO want to paint the ceiling. (I was going back and forth on this one but I think I will like the ceiling white more than beige.)  However I'm still at square one for wall color.
A few of you have mentioned that if I don't LOVE the quilt then I should return that so it stops throwing me off.  I thought about this for a LONG time.  I looked online a TON and at a few different stores for different quilts. I even bought a couple but by the time I was half way home I knew that I really liked the striped quilt more than the others I had seen or just purchased.  I love that is has no characters on it, or any "theme" for that matter.  I love that it feels well built and washable (without bunching or crumbling after a few washes).  I love that it pulls color in the room without being CRAZY.  That being said if I could design or afford ANY quilt would it be this one.  Probably not exactly.....but probably close.  So I have decided for the price point and what is out there yes I do love the quilt!
One decision down YAY!
So after looking at the room for HOURS!  (I literally sat in the middle of that mess starring at all the elements hoping for inspiration to hit my like a rock on the head.  Yes my husband thought I had lost it.) I realized that the current beige walls with a white ceiling may just work perfectly for the rest of the design!  I will share with you some of the elements I plan on using in the room and you let me know if you think it will work.
I plan on painting my own version of this:
It may be smaller depending on if I find a large Map to put on the wall instead.
I'm either going to find or make airplanes to hang from the ceiling. (not necessarily these ones but this is the inspiration.)

The moon lamp is from his nursery and is loved so it will go too.
I think a fun Banner like one of these, using the colors from his bedding will jazz up the rooms borders but will be super easy to change out.  (I love non permanent but super cute things!)
I may also use the old springs from the baby crib and make it into a place where we can display pictures of his favorite things, characters, people, art etc: (Check out all these fun ways to repurpose those old cribs that really should no longer be used for kids
 And if I can't find a Large Map then I'm sure I can thrift out a world globe which I think would be fun in there as well!

So after having seen all that is going in the room (well or hopefully going in the room) don't you think Beige walls will be just fine?
Now the work begins!


  1. I thought of that before but didn't mention it b/c it seemed too obvious!

  2. Yeah I say beige is fine. And about picking a white, just pick one.

    I like the different elements you are pulling together. I can't wait to see it! I have yet to design my boys' room. Wait... I have yet to design/decorate most of my house... :)

  3. You can rent a projector to paint the fire truck on the wall (well outline it). I can look for planes at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I'll be there on Thursday :) I'm excited to see the progress!!!