Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog purpose: kind of like a discalimer?

I have always wanted to be creative. I have creative ideas bouncing in my head 24/7 but for some reason what is in my head and the end result never seem to add up. My head has a great version my hands don't seem to know how to put things together as well. I could throw in the towel and leave creativity to others. But I find the challenge too fun Thrilling so I decided you have to "Start somewhere" (reason for the blog name.) So here I am. I will fill this blog with projects from painting, weeding, building, sewing cooking, cleaning, etc. (etc.=which means anything I would like to be more proficient in.) As I share my experiences (or possible those of others) I hope you one enjoy them with a light heart. Two leave comments with advice, thoughts, funny jokes etc.
And now lets take a punch at Creatively Starting Somewhere...

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