Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bacon in almost everything....

Ok I just saw that Denny's is now sporting a Maple Bacon Sundae is this wrong?
Bacon in Chocolate and now on ice cream? I'm not judging. I'm big into never judging a food unless you tried it NO MATTER what. And to be honest as long as there are no chewy fat pieces I could kind of see how it might work but really?

Tell me do you want to or have you tried this? I would love to hear!

And if you are like me and are curious on what this baby runs in the nutrition department here you go:

Serving Size - 12 oz
Calories - 810
Fat - 40
Trans Fat - 0
Saturated Fat - 21

Cholesterol - 150
Sodium - 460
Carbohydrates - 97
Fiber - 0
Protein - 16
Sugar - 85

Hey No trans fat at least hahaha!

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