Monday, April 18, 2011

Do I ever start and then FINISH a project?

So I'm sure many of you are asking if I ever Finish the projects I start. To prove to you that I do I wanted to post one of the MANY projects that I have been working on. This one I actually completed. (Well mostly I'm still considering tweaking a few things on it but if you know me you know that I'm ALWAYS "tweaking" everything to find the best most efficient effective way method etc.)
As mentioned in previous posts I LOVE hand-me-downs. Not just clothes but really anything. So I was given a sweater that was super soft and in great shape but not so much something I wanted to wear (I'm really in the mood to wear summer clothes right now so if mother nature would like to make me happy and get rid of the rain I would appreciate it!)
The sectional couch we bought, 3 years ago, came with two pillows. Although the pillows were ok they did not reflect my style at all, so I always planned to recover them.
Here is the said shirt and pillow before.
And here they are after (They are in the middle):
Awesome right? I made it an envelope pillow cover so that it is easy to remove and wash (a must when you have kids!) I love it SO much more than the original pillow and it cost me $0 so YAY! The only problem is now I love the texture and light color of it so much I don't really like my other pillows any more hahahaah! Maybe I will cover them sometime but I have sworn off taking on more projects until I cross a few off I have already started.
One down 200+ projects to go!

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